Costs related to poor health behaviors and resultant illnesses are impacting the ability of companies to compete across the board. Not only are personal risk factors, such as obesity or sedentary lifestyles resulting in higher health care utilization costs, they are dramatically responsible for higher costs measured in absenteeism, short term and long term disability, and being less productive while at work (called presenteeism by many experts). Multiple studies have shown a direct relationship of cost to these modifiable health risks.

Despite these studies, most companies have not implemented a strategic, integrated approach to measuring population health risks, and establishing programs designed to reduce these targeted risks on an individual employee and work population basis. Rather, most companies continue providing simple wellness programs that subsidize health club memberships or provide temporary health challenges. When pressed, most would have a hard time showing a positive return on investment or any sustained improvement in employee health.
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Health & Productivity Management

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We can help guide your company in establishing a more integrated approach to health and productivity, providing employees with the right tools and programs to successfully reduce their own personal health risks, and directly reducing utilization of the most expensive health care encounters.
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