If your company provides benefits for sick leave, short term and long term disability, your challenge is to ensure that deserving employees get the benefits they need without worrying about significant abuses of these generous programs.

Employers are often handicapped however in managing this benefit. Employers are restricted from obtaining confidential medical information, instead relying on notes from the employee's personal doctor, or trusting second hand information from a co-worker or family member. It is very difficult under these limitations to trust if the employee has a qualifying condition for benefits.

Our team can help bridge the trust gap through the utilization of professional case management that allows full utilization of the tools employers have to manage absenteeism under the ADA, FMLA, and company sponsored sick and disability plans. We can obtain and provide assurance to the employer for each case, without breaching the confidentiality rights of the employer.

We ensure fairness to the employee by applying well recognized national guidelines for disability, tinctured with our unique knowledge of the workplace. Our goal is to work with all parties to achieve return to work in the proper and safe fashion.
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